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4 Tips for Graduating Millennials Entering the Workforce 0


I’m so proud and excited to present my first article published in Forbes, written by Brian Havig. This is a big milestone!

What Next Book: My Final Plea 1


You finished this entire book. Thank you so much for spending your much valued time

The Conclusion: What Next The Millennial’s Guide To Surviving and Thriving in the Real World 0


We are The Millennials. It is our time and the world is ours for the taking!

3 Steps For Raising Millennials 0


Raising Millennial children is unlike any generation prior. Here’s tips you must read

3 Steps To Achieve and Maintain Perfect Credit 0


Your credit is the most important thing you have on this planet. Here’s how to get it perfect!

How To Split Bills To Avoid Divorce and Resentment 0


It’s been estimated that money issues are the driving force in 90% of divorces

How To Track and Monitor Expenses 0


Tracking and monitoring your expenditures is the most critical component to staying accountable to your long-term financial plan.

3 Things You Must Do After Getting Your First Real Job 0


Your first real job! It sounds so exciting right? Congrats! Just don’t get too excited just yet

How To Save Money in High School and College 0


Preparing for your financial future begins in high school; if not high school, then college

Personal Finance for Teens and Twenty Somethings 0


Were you taught personal finance in school? Of course not. In this chapter I explain personal finance for teens and twenty somethings

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