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5 Ways to Age Gracefully, Live Healthier, and Live Longer 0


Did you know that only ONE THIRD of what controls how gracefully we will age is determined by genetics?

That means there is an entire two thirds that are completely based on your own choices. Here are some of the healthiest ways to approach those choices:

The Pursuit of Happiness
It shouldn’t end with career, marriage and family. Because sadly, as you age, these things may become less present in your life. But happiness boosts the immune system and reduces stress. When you are stressed, your heart rate goes up, your digestion slows, and blood flow is even blocked to certain muscles. If you experience chronic stress, these conditions could lead to actual physical disorders like obesity, diabetes, ulcers and even cancer.

Don’t Run From Novelty
The brain loves new experiences and sensations. Have you ever really regretted trying something new? So long as it didn’t harm you, what you probably felt most of the time was a rush. It feels good to know you have the guts to put yourself in unfamiliar environments and try things you aren’t necessarily skilled at. Sometimes you have to fumble in order to have a new, enjoyable experience. But what you remember more than getting it wrong is how exciting it was to try something new.

Be Your Own Cheerleader
We are always harder on ourselves than others. We’ll spend hours cooking a healthy meal for a friend on the weekend; meanwhile we take ourselves through fast-food drive-thru’s during the week. We tell our friends how gorgeous they are and make self-deprecating comments about ourselves.

It may be harder than ever to do so now that you’re aging, but it’s also more important than ever to love yourself. Tell yourself you are fabulous. Make yourself fabulous by dressing up, standing up straight and quitting those self-deprecating thoughts and comments. Do the things that make you happy more often, and remind yourself it’s because you deserve to. Why? Because your body becomes stressed when you have thoughts like “I’m not good enough.” And we already know stress is bad for the body.

Become A Social Butterfly
Research shows that those who are more socially connected—that doesn’t just mean going to activities and events but actually cultivating friendships from them—live longer. This is just another way to ward off depression.

I saved it till the last point to keep your attention. I know you’ve heard it before, but it can’t hurt to hear it again. Exercising regularly makes you less likely to develop diabetes, heart disease, dementia, osteoarthritis, depression and obesity. One study found that women who walk briskly for just 5 hours a week have a 76% higher chance of aging gracefully and healthfully, with less physical and mental impairment.

You can’t control every biological process that goes on in your body as you age, but what you can always control is your outlook and the lifestyle choices you make. Turns out that’s more than half the battle. About 66%, to be exact!

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This is a pretty interesting study and article. Unlike a lot of articles about aging that end up just pushing a product from a sponsor/advertiser, this anti-aging article actually has valid points that make sense that everyone can implement. The biggest one that wasn’t mentioned that isn’t something to do, but is actually something not to do is staying out of the sun.

I live in Texas where bleach blonde hair and orange skin is in. I don’t get it. It looks ridiculous and very alien-like.

Nonetheless, it’s always interesting walking through a shopping mall and seeing a 40-year old woman who looks 10 years older because her skin is leather-like and burnt to a crisp.

Protecting your skin is the BIGGEST way (in my opinion) to help reduce the appearance of aging. I’m pretty shocked that obvious issue wasn’t mentioned in this article.

- Michael Priceless

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