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A Coke Can With a Handle. Huh? [PICTURE] 3

As stupid and redneck as this is, I’ve gotta admit it’s a good idea. I find it funny that the soda of choice is diet. I’m imaging the owner of this soda can being a short, large women with no teeth, cigarette breath, and raggedy clothes.

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  1. Prya says:

    Let’s have a discussion about the demographics of diet soda drinkers. I’m fascinated by your observations. Are there studies to back this information up?

    I’m curious if you have come across any more of your awesome infographics that support this data. I work at a bottling company and am doing some research.

    Thank you for your insights… I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say.



    Michael Priceless Reply:

    @Prya, Thanks for checking out this post and commenting Prya. I don’t have any studies to back this up. It was kind of a lame joke I made up.

    What bottling company do you work at? That sounds interesting.


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