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America has become a shell of its former self and must be allowed to fail!

Two years ago, America voted for a President who was supposed to be our “savior.” He had all sorts of fresh new ideas that were supposed to “change” the way politics took place in Washington.

In addition to Barack Obama being incapable of navigating through The Republicans in Washington, he can’t even get his own party to agree with his politics.

America has a history of getting shit dead wrong, putting a band-aid on it, and then waiting until the blood leaks out. These cycles typically come in 20 year spurts and can be classified as reactionary political ideology. I must admit, I completely made that phrase up, but it’s the perfect explanation for the way politics are handled in America. We are reactive as opposed to proactive.

Two years ago we witnessed epic industry failures that threatened our economy’s sustainability. As usual, America some-what figured it out with the almighty band-aid; which in this case came in the form of corporate bailouts and over-extended unemployment benefits.

During this time period two years ago, American citizens were more engaged in the political system then they had ever been. There was a record breaking voter turn-around amongst young adults for the 2008 Presidential election and the Average Joe was actually interested in what political decisions were taking place in Washington.

As soon as The Government put there band-aids on our economic problems (corporate bailouts and middle class welfare A.K.A. unemployment), everyone went back into their homes and took their pitchforks with them.

America must fail! I believe this is the only way we as citizens will take back our country from the corrupt career politicians that are destroying it.

If America had slipped into a depression in 2008 as many political pundits speculated, America’s citizens would be outraged and would be marching on Washington to kick the aristocracy of political idiots out of office BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Don’t believe me? Look at the Tea Party. Rather you love them or hate them, they represent a strong force of pissed off people who want Washington to be completely “remodeled.”

I’m sorry Mr. Obama, but you are NOT the change America asked for. In fact, you’re not a change at all. You are business as usual.

After Bush, we learned that The Republicans didn’t have the answer. Now with Obama, we know the Democrats don’t have the answer either. Guess what America… We’re out of major political parties! What next???

When the HELL will American citizens wake up and maintain a voice in our country’s political system instead of languishing behind and letting corrupt politicians run our country into the ground?

In 2008, this country banded together to elect a black man into the highest political office in the greatest country on Earth. If we can elect a black man as President in America, imagine what else we are capable of if we band together.

We must remember… We the people have the power. NOT the politicians.

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