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Anthony Weiner Gets Job Offer From Sex Magazine: Hustler 0


“​Disgraced though he may be, sexter-in-chief Anthony Weiner has a job waiting for him in Beverly Hills if he wants it.
Larry Flynt has offered him a generous gig at his Hustler (Larry Flynt Publications) empire, promising the former legislator a 20 percent raise above his congressional pay, similar benefits, and covered moving costs.

Ever the Quixotic idealist, Flynt says he’s making the offer because …

… Your unfortunate resignation is a prime example of unfounded political pressure and the hypocrisy that has invaded democracy in Washington D.C.

When have you ever heard Weiner defend his private texts and tweets or stand up for the fact that one in five Americans do this. Has he said, Get out of my private life — this has nothing to do with the deficit, the war on terror, or immigration?

Never, Senor Flynt. Weiner is one of them — full of shit. Remember he denied it at first. And he really never owned it.

He’s no better than a bathroom toe tapper who decries homosexuality.”

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This blogger at Laweekly raises some good points. In fact, they are points I’ve raised for years. Why are politicians held responsible for things they do in their personal life that don’t affect their job? Can you imagine if you were held responsible for ever tweet, text, or status update you made? What if you could lose your job for what you did in your personal life?

Surely everyone has done something in their personal life that their boss wouldn’t deem appropriate. But does that give them the right to fire you or publicly humiliate you and your spouse?

The public wants to call Anthony Weiner a hypocrite. And he is one, but what politician isn’t? Wake up people! Stop living in this delusional fantasy where you believe that just because a politician says he loves his wife and goes to church on Sunday means he’s a good person; because history has shown that while he may say that, he may also likely be gay or a raging sex addict.

At the end of the day, the real question is… Does a person’s sex life have anything to do with their job performance? Absolutely not! So why do we give a shit. Worrying about a politician’s sex life is like worrying about what new drug Linday Lohan is on. Who cares!!!!! Get a life people and go f**k your wife instead of worrying about Anthony Wiener f**king his!

- Michael Priceless

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