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Apple Gains Market Value Larger Than Microsoft and Intel Combined! 0


“Apple’s market value is now greater than Microsoft and Intel combined. When the market closed on Friday, Microsoft had a market value of US$201.59 billion and Intel had a value of $115.21 billion. Combined, they have a market value of $316.8 billion which is just below the $317.60 billion of Apple. This may the first time Apple has exceeded the portmanteau.

As MacDailNews points out, no one can forget what Bill Gates said about Steve Jobs in an unpublished 1998 interview conducted by Robert X. Cringely for Vanity Fair. Then the CEO of Microsoft, Gates wondered, “What I can’t figure out is why he (Steve Jobs) is even trying (to be the CEO of Apple)? He knows he can’t win.”

At that point, Microsoft was trading at $29 and had a market cap of $250 billion. Apple was down to a lowly $7.25 and had a market cap of $6 billion. Steve Jobs had resumed the helm as CEO of Apple and was looking to turn things around. I’d say he has been successful, wouldn’t you?”

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What a turn of events these companies have taken. Apple almost went under and now they’re totally kicking Microsoft’s ass with no chance of Microsoft EVER coming back. The guilded age of Microsoft is gone!

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