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Bully Gets Beat Up With Body Slam WWE Style! [VIDEO] 7

This is epic! A middle school bully gets his ass kicked after picking on a fellow classmate. Maybe next time he will learn to pick on people his own size instead of those who are MUCH bigger than him.

This kid may have a gig waiting for him at World Wrestling Entertainment. He should call them and see what’s up.

UPDATE: Australian School ‘Bully’ Interview! “I’m Not Sorry” [VIDEO]

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  1. That is f***ing amazing! That will teach him. You can tell the kid that was getting picked on was trying to hold back as long as he could…and then he couldn’t take it anymore :)


  2. @michelle:
    Yep. It is amazing!


  3. Jim says:

    haha this is truly epic!!!


  4. @jim:
    Yes… EPIC describes it best!


  5. dennis says:

    Ah what a little bitch ahahaha.


    Michael Priceless Reply:



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