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Buy Diabetes Increasing “Mega Jug” of Soda From KFC and Support Diabetes Research (WTF) 1


“A KFC franchise in Utah is asking customers to help fight diabetes — by purchasing an 800-calorie Mega Jug of sugary soda to wash down their meals. For every $2.99 half-gallon drink it sells, the chicken restaurant promises to give $1 to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). The promotion has drawn criticism from anti-obesity activists, who still haven’t forgiven KFC for last year’s unveiling of the Double Down sandwich, which ensconces bacon and cheese between two fried chicken breasts. But Gary Feit, a JDRF spokesman, is defending KFC, pointing out that the Type 1 diabetes his organization researches is not caused by diet or obesity. Besides, he adds, only one franchise is involved.

The reaction: It’s hard to imagine what KFC was thinking, says Joe Waters at Selfish Giving. Although after “the dreadful Double Down,” it’s no surprise these folks have “deep fried their reputation again.” Give this franchise owner credit for wanting to do some good, says Jenn Savedge at Mother Nature Network. But why not tie the promotion to something healthier like, say, grilled chicken? Trying to link a drink with 56 spoonfuls of sugar to a health cause has to qualify as one of the biggest PR misfires ever. Well, they say laughter is the best medicine, says Kat Hannaford at Gizmodo, and I “can’t…stop *wheeze* laughing…at…the…cruel *big breath* irony of it all.”

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Talk about pure stupidity! In the article, Jenn Savedge said, “Give this franchise owner credit for wanting to do some good.” I don’t give them any credit. I know exactly what their intent was. They weren’t trying to help because they care. They were simply trying to get some “feel good P.R.” to make their selfish black hearts feel like they were doing something good. Had they actually given a crap they would have put some more thought into the item they were pushing to support diabetes research.

Jenn later goes on to say, “But why not tie the promotion to something healthier like, say, grilled chicken?”

Is it not blatantly obvious why they didn’t offer a healthier choice??? It’s because fountain drinks have the highest margin of profit in the food industry. They make more money and sales by aligning the sales promo to something charitable. It’s a classic marketing sales gimmick. It gets more people to buy the promo and they make a higher return since the profit margin is so high. This is sleezy sales 101.

It makes me VERY happy to see that KFC has yet another strike against them.

- Michael Priceless

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