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I am Adam Lanza’s Mother: Mother of Mentally Ill Child Speaks Out 0


Before I get into this, let me first apologize to those of you who used to read my blog regularly. I haven't made a post in over five months and I deeply regret it. Connecting with you all and posting my thoughts for the world to read was often times the most enjoyable part of my ...

Why You Should NOT Stop Eating at Chick-Fil-A 4


Unless you're living under a rock, you no doubt have heard the egregious homophobic words spoken recently by Chick-Fil-A COO Dan Cathy. "I think we are inviting God's judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say, 'We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage.'" "I pray God's mercy on our ...

Why College Graduates Can’t Find Jobs 0


Millions of college students nationwide are facing an issue none of them ever imagined they would deal with. They did everything "by the text book." They made good grades, went to college, graduated, and when they got into the real world they couldn't find a job. The reasons for this are obvious to me, yet ...

Making Nonsense out of a Senseless Crime: The Batman Murders 1


At 12:30 A.M. July 20th 2012, 12 people lost their lives and 71 people were shot at the opening show time of The Dark Knight Rises. The world is grieving and trying to find an explanation for this tragedy in an attempt to prevent it from happening again. Why do we do this? Why do we ...

Lady Gaga Supports Piracy and Illegal File Sharing 2


If you've been on Planet Earth in the last 60 days, you've no doubt heard about the International uproar over national and International laws/treaties such as SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA. These laws aim to stop piracy and ultimately... Control the Internet (in my opinion). The Internet is the last real freedom that we have in America. ...

The SOPA Fight Isn’t Over: BEWARE of ACTA! 0


Last week, I predicted a "new order" would be initiated to pick up where SOPA and PIPA left off. I predicted this outcome in almost the exact same scenario. To me it was obvious. SOPA and PIPA were nothing more than smoke screens. They were test trials for the Government and their corporate backers to test ...

The Dark Knight Rises Photo and Video Leaks 0

Dark Knight Rises Leak 1

I don't about you but I can't wait one full year to see The Dark Knight Rises. Thanks to these leaks, we can get a little sample here and there. Enjoy!

Father Gets 7 Years For Threatening Daughter’s Black BF With Death Via ‘Wanted’ Posters 0


​Imagine being this guy's daughter and having to tell your new black boyfriend about him: Um, he's a nice guy. He cares about me a lot. He's just a little overprotective. And, uh, oh yeah, he'll kill you if he sees us together. Southern California's Domingos Jose Oliveira was sentenced this week to seven years behind ...

The War on Photoshopping: UK Bans “Misleading” Makeup Ads 0


Just one month after the American Medical Association officially came out against the practice of photoshopping actors and models in advertising, the British are waging their own battle against airbrushed ads. After a complaint by female Member of Parliament Jo Swinson, who said two new ads, one for Maybelline and one for L'Oreal, were "not representative ...

Facebook Gets BUSTED Scamming Their Advertisers! 0


“On average, 7.9% of Facebook fans see fan page updates on a daily basis. When you look specifically at Facebook pages with over a million fans, the number drops to 2.79%.” - Source: This is why I hate Facebook and look forward to the next dot com bust to take them under. They’re more concerned with ...

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