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Donald Trumps “Trump University” Being Sued For Fraud! 0

Since Donald Trump launched his much publicized media blitz a few months ago, the internet media (not to be confused with the lamestream tv media) has had a field day digging up dirt on “The Donald.” For the past 8 years Trump has rebuilt his personal brand to allow him to expand into multiple income opportunities including a hit tv show, bottled water, a clothing line, board games, vodka, an mlm program, and a university.

What’s that? You didn’t know that Donald Trump has his own college university?

He doesn’t. But he cleverly calls his seminar series “Trump University.” Great marketing gimmick of a name huh?

Since Trump has announced his possible run for President, his financial skeletons have been falling out of the closet left and right. Actually, they’re cascading out of the closet faster than an avalanche!

Due to numerous complaints alleged by several of the 11,000 attendees, Trump University is facing a class-action lawsuit in six states.

So what is Trump University? It’s a real estate investing seminar that Donald Trump promises is the next best thing to being The Apprentice.

“The lead plaintiff in the class action, Tarla Makaeff, alleges that Trump University’s mentors and associates “guide students toward deals in which they have a personal financial interest at stake — creating a severe conflict of interest, so that the mentors profit while the student does not.” Another plaintiff said the seminar promised access to “exclusive” property listings, but he found the listings elsewhere online for a fraction of the cost.”

“Assistant general counsel for the Trump Organization George Sorial calls the allegations “completely ridiculous,” and Trump has filed a $100 million counterclaim for defamation against Makaeff, a move that Makaeff’s attorney calls “nothing more than a class intimidation tactic by a bully.”

- Source: The Atlantic Wire

Donald Trump has got to be the biggest dumbass on the planet. He rebuilt his entire career and became a pop culture icon in business and finance only to throw it down the drain for a failed attempt at running for President.

What’s even more shocking is the huge margins he has in which he’s leading the prospective Presidential race within the GOP.

This is shocking because news of Trumps scams and financial “illiteracy” are being exposed daily and for some reason so-called “fiscal conservatives” are STILL propping this jackass up on a pedestal.

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