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Facebook Announces Skype Video Calling | This Will Fail! 0


Yesterday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the new “awesome” Facebook feature he mentioned to the media last week. It’s Skype video calling enabled with Facebook.

A lot of people may disagree with me, but I think this is a bad idea. Every Facebook user I know uses Facebook periodically throughout the day to quickly see what their friends are doing/talking about, look at pictures, and then go on about their day.

The very essence of Facebook and social media is to get content from others as quickly and effectively as possible. So why then would Facebook put such a heavy emphasis on video chatting?

Allow me to present the core reason why I think Facebook video chatting will fail…

How many of your Facebook friends keep their profile marked as “offline?” Do you keep your profile marked as “offline?” I certainly do, because I don’t want people randomly trying to “chat it up with me” while I’m on Facebook to quickly browse what people are talking about or to post a status update.

The very fact that a majority of Facebook users keep themselves “offline” and concealed from their friends proves that this idea will fail because it doesn’t fit the way in which people use Facebook.

Why would users hide from their Facebook friends? That answer is way too easy!

They don’t want to be hit up by their parents/peers who ask them annoying stupid questions and they don’t want to be seen as “online” in case their manager is watching over their digital shoulder and is monitoring their activity on Facebook.

Facebook is missing the mark on this problem big time and the only reason they’re pursuing it is to 1 up Google +1 before they do it. This is bad for business. Stand out, be unique, and satisfy your members, and not your ego to always beat out the competition.

The reason why Apple is #Winning is because Apple does Apple. They don’t try to do Android, or Microsoft, or Google or Blackberry. They focus on their strengths and they win because they originate and innovate, while the others ride the coat tails of each other.

In addition to all of this I must say I’m quite pissed that Facebook has prioritized video chatting over a Facebook app for iPad. This is a disgrace! There’s been 2 iPads now with no Facebook app. Someone should be fired for this travesty!

Now I realize that not everybody will share my opinion that Facebook video chatting will fail. If Facebook video chatting excites you or is of interest, checkout the post my most favorite Tech Crunch writer Alexia Tsotis wrote: Liveblogging The Facebook “Awesome” Event [+Video]


Alexia covered the unveiling of Facebook Skype chatting with a great manuscript of the event. She also posted a video covering the event as well.

- Michael Priceless

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