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Facebook Officially Hits 750 Million Members 0


We initially reported that Facebook had reached 750 million users, but today, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that the social network had reached the milestone. Zuck added that sharing is growing at an “exponential rate.”

Zuckerberg said Facebook didn’t report the milestone because they don’t thing that’s the metric they should be using to determine user engagement. He also said that he hoped that Facebook would reach a billion users soon.

Facebook hasn’t officially released an updated user count since it reached 500 million users nearly a year ago, so it’s interesting that the social network confirmed its massive userbase. Facebook’s user count is defined as a user who has logged in within the last 30 days, which shows that these 750 million users are actually actively using the site.

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This is a pretty astonishing milestone. Especially considering that Facebook was just at 500 million members just a little over a year ago when The Social Network Movie was developed. To grow that much in such a small time frame is incredible. Everybody keeps wondering when Facebook will go public.

If I understand Facebook and Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg the way I think I do, then Facebook will go public shortly after it reaches 1 billion members. It will be an incredible milestone and it will signal a huge boost for the IPO and investors, not to mention make BIG news.

Mark has downplayed Facebook’s member count by saying, “Facebook didn’t report it because we don’t think that’s the metric.” He can say that now, but I believe he will change his tune once they hit 1 billion members.

Congratulations Facebook… For making 750 million people more narcissistic and self-absorbed than they already were ;)

- Michael Priceless

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