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Father Gets 7 Years For Threatening Daughter’s Black BF With Death Via ‘Wanted’ Posters 0


‚ÄčImagine being this guy’s daughter and having to tell your new black boyfriend about him: Um, he’s a nice guy. He cares about me a lot. He’s just a little overprotective. And, uh, oh yeah, he’ll kill you if he sees us together.

Southern California’s Domingos Jose Oliveira was sentenced this week to seven years behind bars for committing a hate crime against the 33-year-old bf of his 20-year-old daughter, making a death threat against him, and soliciting murder.

What exactly did he do to the poor chap?

In spring, prosecutors say, the 49-year-old Oliveira put “wanted” posters up around a community college (Grossmont, in La Mesa) attended by the victim San Diego County. On them he offered $3,000 for the “dead or alive” capture of boyfriend Sean Kirk.

Kirk is reported to be a registered sex offender (he says he had sex with a minor he thought was 18), but daddy didn’t know that when he began his campaign of threats, prosecutors said. What seemed to be the problem for Oliveira was that Kirk is African American.

The defendant told his daughter, Samantha, that if the two carried on both would end up dead. In fact, prosecutors said, he made her sign a “death contract” saying as much.

(Parents: You can’t be too persistent these days. So remember, “death contract.”).

A San Diego jury didn’t convict Oliveira of a charge of allegedly threatening her.

Movie of the week staring Julia Stiles as the Latina daughter? You know this.

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What planet are racists living on? The world isn’t built to allow for them to co-habitate peacefully with others. This guy is a jackass.

- Michael Priceless

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