I Can Be Society

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MISSION: Inspire people to pursue their passion by presenting the stories of those who have already done it.

Our diverse group of Influencers have made their dreams come true by building successful brands and businesses, and they want to empower you to do the same.

The passion behind I Can Be Society was developed while visiting a cosmetics store with my wife.

“I was standing in this store surrounded by men and women who were incredibly passionate about the craft of make-up, skincare and beauty. As I watched them share their passion with each customer who came into the store, I couldn’t help but ask myself… What separates these talented make-up artists from the one’s my wife watches on YouTube?

As a retail store make-up artist, it can be difficult to earn a livable wage. On the other hand, make-up artists who share their passion on YouTube and develop an audience are not only making a living, many of them make a phenomenal living and they’re able to connect with other people who share their passion on a global scale.”

It was with this experience, that I Can Be Society was born.

The world has evolved. No longer does a boss, a talent scout, a producer or a “big wig” have to grant you permission to pursue your passion. In the words of James Altucher, now you can “Choose Yourself.” Never before in the history of humanity has such an opportunity existed.

With the right combination of talent and endurance, you too can pursue your passion and build a life that you love. Who do you want to be? An artist, film maker, writer, photographer, commentator, comedian, artisan, entrepreneur, musician?