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iPad 2 and iPhone 5 Rumors Debunked 0

The release of the iPhone 5 and iPad 2 is swarming with rumors by so-called industry analysts.

Today Tech Crunch called out the liars on their bullshit as well as the mainstream media sources who published the latest rumors.

I’ve never been so disgusted in my life by not just the media but by stock holders who allow these untested claims to affect the value of the stock.

I understand speculation, but damn! These analyst are pure freaking liars who leech on hot topics to make catchy news headlines.

What a shame!

The current rumors are that the release date of the iPhone 5 will be delayed until September and the iPad 2 will be delayed until June.

Since no one knows release dates except internal Apple execs it is impossible for analysts and bloggers to know release dates ahead of time.

So beforwarned… The rumors will forever be unverified.

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