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Local Radio Shack Offers Free Gun With Dish Network Subscription [WTF!] 2

A local Radio Shack in Hamilton, Montana is offering a free gun with the purchase of a new Dish Network subscription. You can choose from a 380 pistol or a 20-gauge shot gun.

The store owner says the promotion has tripled his subscriptions.

For those who are not found of weapons or are already strapped like Rambo, the store is also offering a $50 Pizza Hut gift card.

Besides this story sounding totally redneck hilarious, I actually think it’s a brilliant idea and one that can easily be implemented for any business.

If you’re a brick and mortar or online business, find that one thing that is extremely desirable to the general audience your business caters too and give it to them for free as a bait to get them to buy what you want them to buy. All you have to do is determine your profit margin and how much you’re willing to let go of to buy and give away a free promotional product to each customer. While it may seem like a loss in profit. It could also triple your sales as it did for this Radio Shack. Even better… You could get tons of free press just like this store has.

Image Source: Seattle Weekly

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  1. William says:

    Haha I only seen this in a comedy program never figured it would actually happen. Wouldn’t texas be the one to offer this? But anyways my opinion on sateilite tv and internet it’s about as big of a rip off as mobile technology. But since there are still a good bit of rural areas in the united states (and the companies usually have no motivation to move services to those areas) Well I did find one company for my state but they include mobile broadband sadly… But my houses dish network bill runs around 120$ a month this is for 4 rooms.


  2. @william: I totally agree. Satellite/Cable is a huge rip off. $120 to watch tv??? Give me a break! It’s just ridiculous.


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