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Muslim Mosque at Ground Zero! Really? 0

Recently a Muslim organization has decided to pursue the construction of a Muslim Mosque at ground zero of the former World Trade Center in New York. There’s debate about rather or not the Muslim Mosque is truly at ground zero, however that seems to be a bunch of political B.S. and deflection caused by extreme left liberals, who have strange deep feelings of apathy for Muslim extremists.

A recent Siena poll found that 63% of voters oppose the project, compared to 27% who support it.

Source: New York Daily News

Those numbers may sound pretty typical and portray what most Americans think, which is that an overwhelming majority oppose the construction of a Muslim Mosque at ground zero. However, what really matters is not polls. It’s the politicians stance of local government.

Here’s a poll you may find particularly ridiculous…

In the New York governor’s race, 22% of those polled said a candidate’s position on the mosque issue “will have a major effect on their vote, 37% say it will have some effect, and a plurality, 39% , say it will have no effect.”

Source: New York Daily News

Why are we as Americans so sympathetic towards everybody else? We’re all suffering from a major case of Bitchassness!

Do you think an American could go to a Muslim country and build a Christian church in the middle of a building in which a Christian radical destroyed, which also caused the lives of thousands of innocent civilians? ABSOLUTELY NOT! So why then do only 22% of New York voters care about the view points of this issue of a candidate running for governor??? This is the whole problem with our democracy. No one cares, but yet people blame the government every time something goes wrong even though they didn’t do their fair share to elect candidates who actually stood for basic American values, like don’t let “representatives” of negative symbolism overpower our way of life.

Will The American Constitution Ever Protect AMERICA!

With so many people complaining about preserving our constitution (Tea Party), I say what we really need is a constitutional convention. Our constitution is in such bad shape and doesn’t represent the current era we live in. Many people of religious faiths, primarily Christians continually change and adapt the Bible’s messages and meanings to fit the current time and era in which they live in. This is why for example their is an old and a new testament. Christians are currently living by the new testaments rules, as it is more applicable to current and modern society.

So why then, doesn’t the constitution change to fit the current time in which we live? I’m not talking about corrupt Presidents and politicians changing and adding amendments so they can fuck around with our freedom for the benefit of their bank account or political agenda, I’m talking about a major constitutional overhaul, because after all that’s what the entire issue of this Muslim Mosque at ground zero is all about. Our constitution protects and gives free range for the project to be developed based on the constitutions freedom of religion.

Am I the only one who is outraged by this? Apparently so. New Yorkers don’t even seem to care, except for the dismal 22% of them polled that said it would determine their voting decision.

What’s So Bad About Muslims?

Unlike the extreme right wing, I don’t have a hatred towards Muslims and unlike the extreme left, I don’t have any sympathy for any thing that threatens our way of life, even if that means changes must be made.

There are many editors (Huffington Post) and writers in the political media who have been insistent upon turning this issue away from the real problem and turning it into a “freedom of religion” debate. This is the typical move from the far left. Ignore the real issue and throw in a diversion that sparks outrage related to simple-minded garbage without addressing any of the concerns of the opposition.

This entire issue is about symbolism! And symbolism pretty damn important!

The few years following 9-11, Osama Bin Laden took every chance he had to tell the whole world through video how stupid and pitiful America is in the fact that we allowed ourselves to be attacked by 4 inept airplane hijackers.

I’m very globally conscience of the bigger picture. Unlike most Americans who develop their viewpoints from the corrupt and mind-numbing lame-stream media, (Fox News / CNN) I see things from outside our border. What I see is America falling into the same problem that many European countries now face such as Germany, France, and Denmark. These countries like America, have had issues with radical Muslim extremists and they cowered down and allowed the governement’s ancient policies to allow these radical Muslims to take over. In country’s such as Denmark, many political leaders have been killed by radical Muslims for speaking out against them. In France, radical Muslims have broken out in tirades over demands to stake claim to portions of France.

Are We at War With Islam?

I’m not one to believe that all Muslims are bad or are in some form a terrorist. There’s always a few bad apples in the bag, however we simply can’t tolerate giving Muslim extremists any power that gives them the feeling of victory. Allowing a Muslim Mosque built at ground zero gives Muslim extremists a sense of yet another victory against America.

We must remember, it was Osama Bin Laden and his leaders who began this “religious war” we find ourselves in. He purposefully and boastfully told the world Islam must take over. It was he who said:

“Every Muslim, the minute he can start differentiating, carries hate towards Americans, Jews, and Christians; this is part of our ideology. Ever since I can recall I felt at war with the Americans and had feelings of animosity and hate toward them.”

Interview broadcast on al-Jazira television. December, 1998.

The problem we face in regards to Islam and all other national or global threats from foreign adversaries is the way in which we take action before and after the issue. We must portray a balance of power. We must show the “enemy” that we mean business and that we will not allow anyone to trounce on our territory even if that means we have to amend the constitution.

What must be understood is that radical extremists rather they be Muslims or persons of any other religion, race, or background, all thrive on one thing… Defeating the big guy. Incremental victories against America and our allies as I’ve mentioned above are the fuel to the extremists’ ability to recruit more extremists.

By allowing a Muslim Mosque to be built at or near Ground Zero, we send a very clear and present signal…

America can be defeated by simply using it’s own policies against them. As I said earlier, this entire issue is about symbolism. In the weak and ultra liberal mindset of America, we think we can sing Kumbaya, forget about tragic events like 9-11 and all will be forgotten. No way!

You can absolutely bank on Muslim extremists leaders using this issue to their benefit to recruit more extremists. America’s allowance of a Muslim Mosque at ground zero is an absolute and powerful tool for recruitment. It gives power to those who may feel like they can’t defeat a country as large and powerful as the United States.

Is this how we really want to live? Make a choice! Don’t be like the 76% of polled New Yorkers who are indifferent to our political leaders. Take a stance and a vow to elect leaders who have America’s best interest in mind.

If we don’t protect our country… Who will?

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