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New Abortion Law Requires THIS Be Done To Women Before Procedure [GROSS] 4

The Texas House of Representatives has just passed a new law that requires women to receive a sonogram prior to receiving an abortion.

The new law was passed by Republican law makers with a sweeping margin of 107 – 42. The Democrats simply sat back and accepted it without even giving a fight, which further proves my belief that both parties are one in the same. It has been reported that there was no opposition whatsoever.

This agenda was pushed by conservatives as a means of showing women what their child looks like prior to terminating their pregnancy. The hope is that women will feel so guilty that they will continue through the term of the pregnancy.

This new law also applies to women who are victims of sexual abuse.

I must say that this is the most disgusting level of government control I’ve seen in a long time. Once you get beyond the politics and the religious perspectives, the single issue that bothers me is that this law operates on the premise that making an emotional decision to keep a child because you feel guilty from seeing it’s picture is a good thing.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t most sexual encounters that lead to an abortion the result the an emotional decision as well??? Such as the decision not to wear a condom or use birth control while in the heat of the moment?

So I guess the government is trading one emotional decision for another. That’s a classic, yet ridiculous political strategy.

I’m failing to see how this law will actually do any good, besides fulfill the self-righteous and religious agenda of the right wing?

What do you think? Do you think this new law is appropriate? Should it even be legal? Voice your opinion by commenting below.

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There are 4 comments for this post

  1. Michelle says:

    This new law should not be legal. They are making it harder on women to get an abortion and the last time I checked ABORTION IS LEGAL! This is ridiculous that such a law could get passed without opposition. It is just another way to try to control our lives…funny because aren’t Republicans suppose to be against Government control?


  2. @michelle:
    Yes. You are right, the Republican party is supposed to be against government control… But only if the control doesn’t benefit them. If it does benefit them… Then they do it. It’s a classic game of politics.


  3. Rache says:

    I am neither a republican or a democrat but I am in favor of this new law. Why would a woman feel guilty about getting an abortion if it wasn’t wrong? It’s not logical for someone to feel guilty about something if it isn’t wrong.


    Michael Priceless Reply:

    @Rache, The reason it’s wrong to give someone a guilt trip is because human beings are smart enough to make their own decisions. No stranger, rather they be a doctor or a counselor should have the legal right to force someone into a mandated counseling session for a decision they have already decided they were going to make.


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