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News Corp (Fox News Parent) Faces Massive Boycott 0


Thousands of online protestors used Facebook and Twitter to urge others not to buy The Sun, The Times, The Sunday Times or even to watch Sky.

One Facebook group called ‘Boycott News International’, which boasts nearly 8,000 members, insisted its members should refuse to buy the company’s newspaper titles.

It added that cancelling subscriptions to Sky would also send a clear message to the troubled 80-year-old chairman.

Meanwhile, a similar twitter campaign registered the domain name yesterday, with the intention of creating a site to bring “anti-Murdoch campaigners together for effective action.”
Its home page claimed the media mogul’s companies “propagate a false image of the world, exaggerate news stories, and spin an agenda which fits Murdoch’s business interests.”

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Rupert Murdoch is a piece of shit! I really REALLY hate this man! His a bitter old man with zero business sense for today’s modern business climate. It makes me so pleased and happy to see that everything he’s recently put his hands on has failed: Myspace, The Daily App, and recently News of the World.

His outspoken ideas of controlling the media to fit his business/political interests are Hitleresque’ to say the least; and his idea of ending net neutrality is downright frightening!

I look forward to the day this man dies. Yes! I said that! And I mean it!

- Michael Priceless

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