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Next iPhone Set For Release in September 2011 2


“Apple plans to introduce a new iPhone in September that boasts a stronger chip for processing data and a more advanced camera, according to two people familiar with the plans.

The device will include the A5 processor, the more powerful chip that Apple added to the iPad 2 earlier this year, along with an 8-megapixel camera, up from the 5-megapixel model in the iPhone 4, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the details aren’t public. Apple is also testing a new version of the iPad that has a higher resolution screen, similar to the one now used in the iPhone 4, one of the people said.

The iPhone is Apple’s top seller, accounting for half of revenue last quarter. A faster chip will enable speedier data downloads and help the device vie with handsets being introduced by rivals such as Samsung Electronics Co. that are powered by Google Inc. (GOOG)’s Android software.

Apple pushed back the release of the next iPhone — its fifth — to coincide with the release of the new iOS 5, the people said.

Apple is also working to finish a cheaper version of the iPhone aimed at attracting customers in developing countries, the people said. This device would use chips and displays of similar quality to today’s iPhone 4, the people said. Apple’s work on a smaller, lower-priced version of the device was discussed by people familiar with the matter in February.

The new iPhone will closely resemble the iPhone 4, the people said.

As Apple upgrades its mobile operating system it may eventually stop guaranteeing that all iOS apps run on older models, such as the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, one person said.”

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I’m sure many people were hoping an iPhone 5 would come out instead of what will likely just be an iPhone 4S. This certainly wasn’t my expectation. It was pretty obvious that Apple was going to hold off on an entirely new iPhone with a string of new features and design.

iOS 5 is going to be a pretty big deal and will trump any new design that would have come from an entirely new generation iPhone. My guess is that since iOS 5 is supposed to be released in the fall and the next iPhone is supposed to be released in the fall, new iPhone’s will likely come pre-loaded with iOS 5 and Apple will then send out the upgrade to iPhone’s and iPad’s for iOS 5. The new iPhone and iOS 5 will most certainly be launched at the same time. It’s a great P.R. move.

The real question is, is it really worth while to upgrade from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 4S just for quicker speed? Most iPhone 4 users will say the iPhone 4 is fast enough.

What was mentioned in this article is of course speculative and hasn’t been confirmed by Apple. However, the educated guess comes from highly credible sources, not to mention it just plain makes sense. If I had to bet on what the next iPhone would be, I would bet on exactly what was referenced in this article.

- Michael Priceless

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There are 2 comments for this post

  1. Ilya says:

    It does make sense, but I’m really not one for any type of Apple rumor. When it happens it happens.

    And yeah that’s true most people I know with the iPhone 4 myself included won’t be switching over unless it’s an iPhone 5. If it’s just an upgraded version of the 4 then great, but I’m plenty happy with my 4.

    Now what I CAN NOT wait for…is iOS5…so many things fixed and done right and SO many upgrades!

    P.S. Did you know that iOS5 will have tabbed browsing now? So instead of switching from slide to slide in Sarari on iPad you’ll have tabs like in firefox, chrome etc.


    Michael Priceless Reply:

    @Ilya, “Now what I CAN NOT wait for…is iOS5…so many things fixed and done right and SO many upgrades!”

    I can’t wait for this as well. The tabbed browsing is what I really want.


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