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NY Forces Unemployed People to Work For Their Unemployment Check 0

New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) is cash-strapped big time. They recently had to lay off 173 workers whose job it was to clean the subways and subway stations. The only problem is…

Someone has to clean the subways. But who will do it if the MTA can’t afford it?

“The Metropolitan Transportation Authority wants to revive its participation in the city’s Work Experience Program – which makes the unemployed toil for their benefit checks.”

“This is a program that has a proven track record of doing three things: providing low-cost cleaning help for the subway; providing job training to people who need it, and leading directly to full-time employment for many of the people who participate in the program,” MTA spokesman Jeremy Soffin said.

- Source: New York Daily News

I think this is an EXCELLENT idea! Instead of allowing people who are unemployed to sit on their rear and collect free money, put them to work. We’re not talking about taking skilled workers and forcing them into labor jobs or humiliating people. We’re talking about taking unskilled workers who need a job and a resume’ of skills to allow them to re-join the workforce and earn the money that tax payers have given them from unemployment benefits.

After all, these people do want to work right? That’s the only reason they receive Federal benefits like unemployment checks. So I say… Put them to work!

My only problem is that I don’t think this program is getting spread far enough. I believe this should be the new law of the land. If you’re an unskilled or labor worker, you should be required to take employment in the assistance of labor-related jobs.

It’s for their benefit as well as the countries’ benefit as a whole. Just imagine how much money the Government could save by putting unemployment benefits and welfare recipients to work, as opposed to paying other people for work that could be accomplished from people who are already receiving a free check.

I bet if someone really thought long and hard, they could find a solution like this for skilled and white collar workers as well who are receiving unemployment checks without any hope in finding employment.

Image Source: New York Daily News

That’s my perspective. What is yours? Let me know by commenting below:

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