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Can you believe it’s almost time for election season to begin? It seems like just yesterday, Barack Obama was elected President. Obama has released his new campaign video which solidifies his bid for re-election. America is still screwed up so bad and in many ways worse than it was when Obama took the job.

Although I disagree with a majority of Obama’s policies, I wonder how the American people will vote in 2012? American voters have a history of allowing incumbent President’s to be given another shot when the country is in disarray. Allowing a President to leave a mess for another President to clean up rarely fares well. Case in point… Barack Obama receiving the hand off from George W. Bush.

Bush screwed up from 2000 – 2008 and Obama has screwed up in many ways thus far as well. So what do we do next, give the┬ábaton┬áback to the Republicans?

What would that solve? They don’t have a centralized leader and when they do, they run off to Hollywood to get a television show, book deal, or join the irrational far right wing of their party which completely isolates them from mainstream America?

I personally think both of the bums should be thrown out. (Dems and Pubs) Let’s REALLY make a “Change” in America. I like what Ron Paul has to say. He’s a Libertarian. I say give him a shot.

Who know’s what will happen in 2012. I’m guessing that once election season gets into full swing, everything we’re discussing today about the outcome (tea party influence, economy, wars, healthcare, education) will completely change, just as it did in 2008.

Will you vote for Obama in 2012? Let me know by commenting below:

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