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OFFICIAL Termination Letter For 500 Myspace Employees 0

5 years ago Myspace was the COOLEST place to work if you were 18 – 25. Today virtually no one works at Myspace. Earlier this week Myspace laid off 500 more employees bringing their staff layoff within the last year to an 85% reduction in staff.

This mass “firing” is supposed to lean up Myspace as News Corp. prepares to try to sell off Myspace to some dumb schlep who doesn’t know any better and doesn’t realize Myspace is a TOTAL obsolete waste of “space.”

Wow! I was just thinking… Maybe they should re-brand themselves to Wasteofspace instead of Myspace? You have to admit… That was about 24% clever right?

Here’s the OFFICIAL termination letter 500 employees received this week:

Image Credit: Tech Crunch

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