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Pia Toscano Eliminated (Voted Off) From American Idol…WTF! 0

Last night America shocked America when Pia Toscano was voted off of American Idol. Since the very beginning of the competition she’s slayed every song she sang. As far as vocal ability and¬†consistency¬†no one could hold a candle to her. She was never in the bottom three and appeared to be in the top 3 towards the end of the competition.

But for some reason out of the clear blue sky, she was placed in the bottom 3 last night and was then voted off.

I can not figure out what the problem is with the voters of this show. Pia had one of the best performances of the season this week, and then she’s eliminated? Something isn’t right.

The internet was in uproar over this last night with millions of people discussing how upset they were over the elimination.

The thing that upset me the most is that the judges foolishly wasted their save on Casey early in the season. Had they not wasted their save on inconsistent Casey, Pia could have gotten the save.

I really believe the vote was rigged. I think American Idol rigged the vote to boost discussions and publicity for the show in an attempt to boost ratings. I hate to sound like one of those conspiracy theorist weirdos, but something just really doesn’t seem right. No one has gotten as upset about any other contestant being voted off besides Pia. The proof is in the conversations that have been taken place across the web, week after week, elimination after elimination.

Let this be a lesson America… Stop just watching the show and VOTE!!!

In case you forgot how super freaking talented Pia is, check her out in her last performance this week on American Idol:

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