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“Redneck” Becomes a Religion 0

So you thought “Redneck” was just a word to describe country folk who mis-pronounce words, live and die by Chevy pickups and repeatedly use the word yall? Well you would be wrong.

According to a police report provided by a Florida Police Station, Joshua Lee Joehlin stated his religious affiliation as REDNECK. Joshua Lee Joehlin was under arrest for lewd acts with a minor and was a native Texan.

This is absolutely hilarious and embarrassing at the same time. Being a Texan myself, I get aggravated every time we are misrepresented. It seems like every time Texas is mentioned in the media, it’s followed by cowboys, pick up trucks, horses, and carriages.

Let’s just hope we don’t get REDNECK attached to our make believe persona as well.

Image Source: The Smoking Gun

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