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Retailers Create Make-Believe Holiday to Boost Sales 0

St. Patrick’s day is around the corner. It has typically be thought of as just an alcohol-induced binge fest. But not this year.

According to The National Retail Federation, 52.4% of Americans are expected to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year. This number is up from last year’s 45.2% and is the highest in the previous eight years.

Retailers want to take advantage of this increase in consumerism by trying to get some of the money consumers will be dishing out.

Retailers are expected to offer St.Patrick’s Day deals like never before this year, so be on the look out.

I find it to be very interesting that St. Patrick’s Day is now being turned into an artificial shopping holiday. What’s next… Ground Hog’s Day sales???

All sarcasm aside, if the economy can get a boost from a make believe holiday and shopper’s get better bargains then I’m all for it.

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