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The Most Annoying Driver EVER! [PICTURE]

Do you do this? You better not do it while I'm on the road or else I will squeeze your ass into the shoulder and off into a ditch. I can't stand rude drivers. The thing about this scenario that 's most annoying is when someone tries to speed up, cut people off and then drive slow. If you can cut seemlessly without slowing down traffic than congrats! You might be a ...

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How Women Really Feel About Their Facebook Friends [SURVEY]

Mashable published an incredible post today with revealing stats uncovered accidently from a survey conducted by social coupon site Eversave. The study confirms women's REAL feelings about their so-called "friends" on Facebook. I feel the same about many of the issues mentioned in this survey. Uh oh!!! Does that make me a women??? "When it comes to Facebo...

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