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Woman Cuts Off Attempted Rapists’ Penis… And Takes It To Police as Evidence 1


"The woman, a married mother of three, was attacked while she was sleeping in her shanty in Jhalakathi district, some 200 kilometres south of Dhaka, on Saturday night, officers said on Monday. "As he tried to rape her, the lady cut his penis off with a knife. She then wrapped up the penis in a piece ...

Charlie Sheen Attacks Co-Stars In Webcast [VIDEO] 0

Charlie Sheen Fired

Is there anything Charlie Sheen won't do? This time he posted a webcast video of himself bitching and complaining about being fired from Two and Half Men. I must admit... As crazy as Charlie Sheen is, he's a marketing genius! He's got the media wrapped around his finger. It kind of makes me wonder if ...

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