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Why College Graduates Can’t Find Jobs 0


Millions of college students nationwide are facing an issue none of them ever imagined they would deal with. They did everything "by the text book." They made good grades, went to college, graduated, and when they got into the real world they couldn't find a job. The reasons for this are obvious to me, yet ...

Survey Says: College Students Would Give Up Sex to Get Electronic Text Books 0


Would you give up sex for an entire year in exchange for electronic textbooks? According to a new survey by education software company Kno, Inc., 70 percent of students say they'd prefer to have electronic books, and 25 percent say they're so tired of dragging around backpacks full of books that they'd willingly become celibate. ...

College Girls Begin Seeking Sugar Daddies to Pay for College [VIDEO] 0

sugar daddy girls

This is nothing new. It's just a little "reformed." There's no secret that college girls across the country wait tables at Hooters, strip in the evenings, or shoot porn flicks to pay for college. Besides degrading themselves, the more sad situation is that many of these girls don't complete their college education, as they get ...

Parents Going Broke To Care For Their Unemployed College Educated Students 0


More than half of working parents, 59%, are already providing or have provided financial support to adult children, ages 18 to 39, who are no longer in school, says a poll by the non-profit National Endowment for Financial Education. "Parents were generally willing to provide support, says Ted Beck, CEO of NEFE. "But among those, 7% ...

Is College Worth The Money? 6 College Students Give Their Answer 0


"Students are racking up astronomical amounts of debt and moving home with mom and dad after graduation because there are no jobs to be found. PayPal founder Peter Thiel is even encouraging students to drop out and try entrepreneurship instead because, he says, college isn't worth it. So we decided to ask some graduates from ...

College Grads Face Dwindling Jobs and Mounting Loans 0

Source: Crushable

"Today's graduates face miserable job prospects, and experts say the student loan crisis could be worse than the credit card or housing bubbles. Young people between the ages of 16 and 24 face an unemployment rate nearly twice that of the rest of the population, according to data from the Economic Policy Institute. Those bright, shiny new ...

Could Electronic Text Books (E-books) Make College More Affordable… YES! 1


"The first quarter of my freshman year of college, I bought every book my professors listed as required reading—and it cost me over $800. A few weeks into classes, like many of my peers, I was dismayed to discover that despite spending all that money on entire texts, professors often only assigned two or three ...

PayPal Co-Founder Hands Out $100,000 To Entrepreneurs Who Skip or Drop-Out of College 0

Source: Flickr

"Peter Thiel, the PayPal co-founder and one of the first investors in Facebook, is proposing a controversial path toward more rapid innovation. Today his Thiel Foundation announced that it was giving 24 people under 20 $100,000 fellowships to drop out of school for two years to start a their own companies. Some of the recipients are ...

Are 2011 College Grads Ready for the Real World? [INFO-GRAPHIC] 0

2011 Grads

COLLEGE! It's supposed to be the best years of your life until you hit your senior year and realize you don't know what the hell you want to do with your life and you've invested thousands of dollars in your parents money and student loans. It can be very scary! Luckily for me, my freshmen year ...

An Entire Generation Unemployed Due to The Recession… College Grads Screwed! 2


"About 60% of recent graduates have not been able to find a full-time job in their chosen profession, according to job placement firm Adecco. And for those just entering the workplace, a bout of long-term unemployment can affect their career plans for years to come. Meghan O'Halloran was one of those who had her career derailed by ...

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