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Serial Butt Slasher on the Loose | Yes… Butt… As in Your Backside 0


This is so weird! - Michael Priceless Detectives in Fairfax, Virginia are hunting for a man who really likes malls -- as well as cutting the butts of young women. They believe he's responsible for slashing the butts of at least five women since Valentine's Day. His first attack came outside a Champps Restaurant... Then he hit again ...

Wife Cuts Off Husbands Penis and Slices it in Garbage Disposal! OUCH! 2


Responding to a woman's 9-1-1 call of a medical emergency, Garden Grove police officers walked into the bedroom of Apartment 21 at 14171 Flower St. just after 9 last night to discover a 51-year-old white guy bound to his bed with blood welled up around his crotch. It wasn't a shaving accident. The man's estranged wife allegedly ...

Casey Anthony Offers “Sexual Favors” to Jose Baez For Acquittal [PICTURE] 0


Here we go again with another interesting interpretation of Casey Anthony's body language between her and her Superman defense attorney Jose Baez. I find the interpretation to be quite accurate. No one knows yet where Casey Anthony will be going after she is released from jail next Wednesday. It's a secret being held between her and ...

Casey Anthony’s SHOCKING Response to Her Release Date [PICTURE] 0


This is quite a creative dialogue piece that was added to this picture. Except I would have added: "6 Days in Jail? NOT BAD... FOR MURDER" Just look at her face. She's so f'ing stupid looking. Arg! - Michael Priceless

Casey Anthony: How She Got Away With Murder; Her Porn Flick and Her New Baby 1


From: Aphrodite Jones As we sit stunned about the Casey Anthony verdict, people are trying to understand what went through the jurors' minds. Did they feel that, since there was never any cause of death established, they just could not convict Casey? There is the fact that this became a case of dueling experts. Whenever that happens, ...

Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty 0


I can't believe Casey Anthony has been found not guilty. First O.J. Now Casey? How in the hell could any jury in America not have found her guilty. The requirement of finding "the smoking gun" in criminal cases must come to an end. This case relied heavily on circumstantial evidence. However, the evidence was so strong ...

Rape Victim Finds Rapist, Stun Guns His Balls, Then Tattoo’s Rapist On His Forehead 1


In today's inaugural installment of White Trash Theatre, we take you now to Oklahoma City, a place that's doing its best to rise up in the weird crime standings. That's where 18-year-old Stetson Johnson was accused of trying to have sex with a woman... Johnson says he never tried to sex up anyone. But Richard Dellert, ...

DNA Evidence Proves 300 Wrongly Convicted Prisoners of Innocence [INFO-GRAPHIC] 2

Not Guilty

DNA has helped clear the names of 300 wrongly convicted prisoners in the U.S. I'm appalled at how high this number is. I'm also pissed and confused that a country who claims that the accused are, "innocent until proven guilty" doesn't allow for a constitutional right to DNA tests. I don't give a damn how expensive they are. ...

Child Molester Kills Himself With Helium and Plastic Bag 0


"​If you're going to off yourself, science says there's no better way than strapping a plastic bag over your head and pumping helium into your lungs. It is the preferred method of the controversial assisted-suicide group The Final Exit Network, and, according to the latest academic research, it is "is potentially quick and appears painless." ...

Rapist Dies From Heart Attack While Raping a 77 Year Old Woman 0


"​It looks like the nation's obesity epidemic is finally hitting the sex offender caste. 53-year-old Isabel Chavelo Gutierrez was on parole for going perv on a child in 1986. He was released 22 years later, but at 5-foot-7 and 250 pounds, he wasn't in peak molesting condition... Still, when he saw and unnamed 77-year-old woman at ...

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