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American Skepticism: Destroying Our Country One Person at a Time

I would like to discuss an issue that's been boiling in America since the election of George W. Bush in 2000. It's the issue of skepticism. It's that pesky little issue we Americans have as a result of the 24-hour news cycle that constantly bombards us with negativity about the opposition. It's never a bad thing to distrust or even be skeptical, but we as Americ...

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Driverless Tractor Destroys Cars and Building in Walmart Parking Lot [VIDEO]

It's late at night and you have to run to Walmart to pick up a few things, and much to your surprise as you come out, you see a driverless, un-manned tractor running rampant destroying everything in it's path including... YOUR CAR! What would you do? That was the scenario for shoppers at Walmart in Ontario, Canada. The footage was caught on film! Check the ...

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