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The Most Annoying Driver EVER! [PICTURE]

Do you do this? You better not do it while I'm on the road or else I will squeeze your ass into the shoulder and off into a ditch. I can't stand rude drivers. The thing about this scenario that 's most annoying is when someone tries to speed up, cut people off and then drive slow. If you can cut seemlessly without slowing down traffic than congrats! You might be a ...

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Study: 75% of Seasoned Drivers Would Fail Written Exam

"If you’ve been driving for twenty years and have a clean driving record, chances are you consider yourself a good driver. A recent study by LeaseTrader.com would beg to differ: according to their results, drivers with the most experience behind the wheel scored the worst on the sample questions used in the survey. Drivers with twenty or more years experie...

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