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Why College Graduates Can’t Find Jobs 0


Millions of college students nationwide are facing an issue none of them ever imagined they would deal with. They did everything "by the text book." They made good grades, went to college, graduated, and when they got into the real world they couldn't find a job. The reasons for this are obvious to me, yet ...

How Apple Freaks Can Save The Economy GUARANTEED! [PICTURE] 2


This is so hilarious and so true! Apple freaks would pay $2.99 for a $.25 quarter if an Apple logo was placed on it. Imagine the boost in our economy if the Government was able to pull off this scam! In all fairness... That $2.99 quarter would be excellent quality. It would never tarnish and it ...

Amazon Revenues Jump 51% | “Fastest Growth in a Decade”… Even in a Recession 0


Amazon‘s revenues jumped 51% in the second quarter of 2011 compared to the same period in 2010, as the company experienced the fastest growth it has seen in a decade, according to CEO Jeff Bezos. In a statement, Bezos singled out the Kindle 3G with Special Offers, a $139 device that operates on 3G wireless networks ...

Bank of America Reports Worse Loss EVER! 0


"Bank of America Corp (BAC.N) reported a record quarterly loss of $8.8 billion as persistent mortgage problems and low interest rates squeezed revenue at the largest U.S. bank." - Source: If you're like me, this news is scaring the crap out of you. It could be a signal of a continual downward spiral for America's economy. ...

Parents Going Broke To Care For Their Unemployed College Educated Students 0


More than half of working parents, 59%, are already providing or have provided financial support to adult children, ages 18 to 39, who are no longer in school, says a poll by the non-profit National Endowment for Financial Education. "Parents were generally willing to provide support, says Ted Beck, CEO of NEFE. "But among those, 7% ...

Private Sector Jobs Soar | Economic Recovery Could be Coming Soon 0


Companies hired four times more workers in June than in May, strengthening views the economy was starting to escape the doldrums of the first half of the year. A drop in the number of Americans filing applications for unemployment benefits last week also offered hope for the labor market, although they remain too high to signal ...

April Marked The Biggest Surge of New Private Sector Jobs Since 2006 0


Last month, the U.S. private sector created 268,000 new jobs. This is the largest amount of new job growth in 5 years! This is incredible right? Well that depends on who you ask. As usual, you have those who are still unemployed that are bringing the rest of the country down by complaining that they are ...

Republicans Battling Abortion Instead of The Economy… WTF?! 3

Pro Choice

There are so many problems with America going on right now. We're in three wars. Our economy is steadily getting worse. Millions of people are without jobs and what's on the Republican's top priority? Stopping Abortion! If you're pro-life, that's fine. You have a right to your opinion. However, in a time of such intensity shouldn't our ...

10 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Economic Collapse 0


If you watch the news every day it can feel like the world is coming to an end. It seems like every week there's a new war to fight, a new natural disaster, or some major economic catastrophe. put together a funny, yet true (in some ways) list of 10 things you can do to ...

U.S. Housing Prices Drop to Lowest in a Decade! 0


U.S. housing prices have dropped to record lows. The obvious blame is the economy. Lenders aren't lending to prospect buyers, credit requirements have increased, supply and demand is down, etc, etc. Basically, every problem that could exist is evident. This is really frightening. Especially for someone like me who is a young man looking to buy ...

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