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Why 99.9% of Businesses Fail at Social Media 0

Social Media

It's been an EXTREMELY long time since I've made a post here on my blog. Sorry folks. I've been inundated with life. All good stuff though :) I'll try to post more frequently and on a regular basis. So anyways... On to the subject at hand. Why do so many businesses fail at social media? Having managed social media ...

iPhone Auto Correct Fail | From Dimples to Nipples [PICTURE] 4


Oh boy! That damn iOS auto-correct. It's so annoying, yet in my opinion it's kind of a necessary evil. When I'm using my iPad to type a lengthy email it comes in handy when I don't feel like putting apostrophes in-between every contraction. However, it can also be nightmarish in situations like this. I'm assuming this ...

Study: 75% of Seasoned Drivers Would Fail Written Exam 0


"If you’ve been driving for twenty years and have a clean driving record, chances are you consider yourself a good driver. A recent study by would beg to differ: according to their results, drivers with the most experience behind the wheel scored the worst on the sample questions used in the survey. Drivers with twenty ...

Yahoo Buzz Gets Shut Down | I Explain The REAL Reason Why 0

Yahoo Buzz

Yahoo has just recently announced that Yahoo Buzz will be getting shut down effective April 21st, 2011. Yahoo has had a slew of businesses closing it's virtual doors recently or on the verge. These include: Delicious, AltaVista, MyBlogLog, Yahoo! Bookmarks, Yahoo! Picks, and AlltheWeb. When asked why Yahoo Buzz will be closing, Yahoo gave it's usual ...

Women’s Underwear Designed To Prevent Teen Sexuality… FAIL! [VIDEO] 1


Hey moms! Guess what? You know how you're scared to have that talk with your teenage daughter about sex? Don't worry about it anymore. Thanks to "What Would Your Mother Do" underwear you're off the hook, because whenever your teenage daughter wear's these underwear she will be reminded of what her mother would do if ...

Motorola Xoom Fails With Low Sales and Low Interest 2


Man... I had high hopes for the Motorola Xoom, but it has failed to meet it's expectations for reasons that are still not fully known. The Motorla Xoom was released on February 24th and had huge buzz. To date, only 100,000 units have been sold. This is terrible when compared to the iPad, which debuted with 300,000 ...

Dude Breaks TV Playing Wii Fit [VIDEO] 1

Wiifit Fail

This is why Wii sucks! Word to the wise... If you're going to play Nintendo Wii, keep your pets away from you and maintain a reasonable distance from the front of your tv.

SHOCKING! Dad Knocks Out Daughter Playing XBOX Kinect [VIDEO] 1

Dad Knocks Out Daughter

Now this is just plain sad. I feel so bad for this little girl. Poor thing! This is why adults should leave the video games to kids. Public service announcement to parents: PUT DOWN THE REMOTE CONTROL!

Bristol Palin To Give Anti-Sex Speech – HUH? – FAIL! 3

Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin is hitting the lecture circuit at Universities across America. At many universities she's getting paid upwards of $25,000 to be a keynote speaker and discuss of all things... Sexual abstinence. It's that thing that her, her mom, and her holksy folksy die hard, bleed red, white, and blue, Republicans hold to their highest standard. ...

Suicide Fail: Women Jumps Out Of Building And LIVES! [VIDEO] 3

Suicide Fail

People never cease to amaze me. An Argentinian woman attempted suicide by jumping out of a building from the 23rd story. Somehow she managed to live! So does that mean she has good luck or bad luck? Hmm...

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