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MSNBC News Anchor Gets Fired For Calling Obama a Dick [VIDEO] 0

Mark Fired

MSNBC's Mark Halperin called Obama a "dick" on national television this morning in reaction to the president's stern press conference yesterday. Despite the fact that he immediately apologized, Halperin has been "suspended indefinitely," according to an MSNBC statement. I kinda feel him. Frankly, copping an attitude at a press conference is far from the most dickish ...

CBS To Rehire Charlie Sheen For Two and a Half Men… WINNING! 3

Charlie Sheen Rehired

Radar Online has released news that CBS is actively pursing Charlie Sheen to return back to the hit tv show Two and a Half Men. CBS President and CEO Les Moonves has reportedly been speaking to top executives at Warner Brothers and has spoken with Chuck Lorre as well; the tv show's executive producer that ...

OFFICIAL Termination Letter For 500 Myspace Employees 0


5 years ago Myspace was the COOLEST place to work if you were 18 - 25. Today virtually no one works at Myspace. Earlier this week Myspace laid off 500 more employees bringing their staff layoff within the last year to an 85% reduction in staff. This mass "firing" is supposed to lean up Myspace as ...

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