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News Corp (Fox News Parent) Faces Massive Boycott 0


Thousands of online protestors used Facebook and Twitter to urge others not to buy The Sun, The Times, The Sunday Times or even to watch Sky. One Facebook group called ‘Boycott News International’, which boasts nearly 8,000 members, insisted its members should refuse to buy the company’s newspaper titles. It added that cancelling subscriptions to Sky would ...

Fox News Uses Tina Fey’s Face For Sarah Palin Report [PICTURE] 0


See the woman in the far right corner of this picture with Sarah Palin written underneath? Uhh... That's not Sarah Palin. Now I have yet another reason not to trust Fox News. They can't even get the damn picture right!!! Either this picture is fake or Fox has someone who is "Going Rouge." What a "Maverick!" ...

Glenn Beck on Why His Fox News Show is Ending [VIDEO] 0

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck recently announced that he will be ending his show. His 3-minute long speech was awe-inspiring. There was a few parts I thought were complete B.S. like the part in which he says: "Fox is one of the only places you'll find truth." That's so untrue it's almost laughable. That fallacy aside, I thought the ...

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