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My School is The Millennium Falcon! [PICTURE] 0


No this not actually my school. It is interesting though. This school is shaped exactly like the Millennium Falcon. If you're a geek and don't know what the Millennium Falcon is, then SHAME ON YOU! It was the fleet ship commanded by Han Solo in Star Wars. - Michael Price

Casey Anthony’s SHOCKING Response to Her Release Date [PICTURE] 0


This is quite a creative dialogue piece that was added to this picture. Except I would have added: "6 Days in Jail? NOT BAD... FOR MURDER" Just look at her face. She's so f'ing stupid looking. Arg! - Michael Priceless

Monkey Steals Camera and Takes Self Portraits [PICTURE] 0


A critically endangered macaque monkey took his own photographs after grabbing a camera that had been left lying around by award-winning photographer David Slater! While visiting a national park in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, Mr. Slater inadvertently left his camera unattended for a while. The forgotten camera soon attracted the attention of an inquisitive female from a ...

Sex Crazed Turtles Cause Flight Delays at NY Airport 0


Flights at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport crawled to a halt for over an hour this morning - thanks to a bale of breeding turtles. The Federal Aviation Administration said it was forced to shut down runway 4 Left at 9:30am as workers cleared 100 diamondback terrapins from the tarmac and moved them to safety. The ...

The World in Year 3000 [CARTOON] 0


Have you ever wondered what the future would be like? This picture explains it all! Back packs grow legs and walk for you, professional athletes get paid so much that they hire people to play for them and jeans come equipped with legs that fold out of your back pockets for on the go sitting. ...

Guy Builds Full Blown Iron Man MK-1 Costume [VIDEO] 0

Iron Man

Is this not the coolest thing you've ever seen? I wonder how he built this? it's so life-like. It looks like the real thing from the movie. What would you do if you saw this thing walking down the street? - Michael Priceless

15 Years Ago Vs. Now | WARNING!!! THIS IS HILARIOUS!!! [PICTURE] 0


This is an incredible satire of how society has transformed over the past 15 years with the impact of personal computers. Computers consume our lives and we do everything on them. Now if I could only get my computer to do my laundry. That would be the day!

The Most Annoying Driver EVER! [PICTURE] 0

Annoying Driver

Do you do this? You better not do it while I'm on the road or else I will squeeze your ass into the shoulder and off into a ditch. I can't stand rude drivers. The thing about this scenario that 's most annoying is when someone tries to speed up, cut people off and then ...

The Best News News Headline EVER! [PICTURE] 0


Yep... This is the best news headline ever. Pretty crafty and clever. I wonder what Tiger thinks when he reads this stuff? I bet he laughs. He seems like the type of person that would get upset publicly, but laugh privately.

Conversations With Bert: Andy Samberg [VIDEO] 0


Is this meant to be taken seriously? It's kind of funny in a stupid way. By the way... Does Sesame Street still come on? I also wonder... Should Sesame Street's demographic (little kids) really know who Andy Samberg is? He's an adult actor who makes adult movies. Ok dang it... It sounds like I'm talking ...

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