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Why You Should NOT Stop Eating at Chick-Fil-A 4


Unless you're living under a rock, you no doubt have heard the egregious homophobic words spoken recently by Chick-Fil-A COO Dan Cathy. "I think we are inviting God's judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say, 'We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage.'" "I pray God's mercy on our ...

Gay Marriage Begins in New York Today 0


Gay couples have started marrying in New York City today, the first day same-sex marriage is legal in New York state. Family, friends and gay marriage supporters gathered at the Manhattan office of the city clerk this morning as an anticipated 823 couples planned to tie the knot across the city. Judges waived a mandatory 24-hour waiting ...

Michele Bachmann Says: “Gays Are Part of Satan” 2


We know where Michele Bachmann stands on heterosexuality: She's very for it! At least according to the binding contract she recently signed with Jesus, in which marriage was explicitly defined as being "between one man and one woman." We also know where her husband, Marcus Bachmann, falls on the topic of homosexuality: He's firmly against ...

The Official Uniform for Cheating/Gay Politicians and Their Cheated On Wives [PICTURE] 0


The outfits of these two couples is eerily similar. It's quite frightening in fact. After noticing these similarities you can only draw one conclusion... This is the official uniform for the cheating/gay politician and his cheated on wife. I can't believe these women stand by these mens' side. How embarrassing! There's nothing for them to gain, so why put yourself through the humiliation as ...

If You Don’t Like Gay Marriage Blame Heteros For Having Gay Babies [PICTURE] 5


This is hilarious and sooooooo true! As a heterosexual man I just can't figure out why so many of my fellow straight people have such a problem with gay marriage. Even if you don't condone homosexuality why should you be concerned about restricting someone else's rights that don't affect you? The anti-gay push has been driven ...

Church Begins Accepting Openly Gay Bishops 0


"The Church of England is set to approve the appointment of openly gay bishops, providing that they are celibate. In an attempt to clarify its policy following years of controversy and debate, the church is to publish its legal advice on the issue on Monday. The document, Choosing Bishops – The Equality Act 2010, summarises points which ...

Tracy Morgan’s Official Anti-Gay Apology Letter | Do You Forgive Him? 0


"I am so unfiltered. And sometimes as a result I say really stupid shit. The truth is if I had a gay son, I would love him just as much as if he was straight ... I might have to try to love even more because I know of the difficulty that he would have ...

Gay Couple Kicked Out of Public Pool… Because The Bible Says So 0


"Earlier this week, a disabled gay couple were kicked out of a public pool in Hazard, Kentucky. A staff member at the Hazard Pavilion recreation center told the two men and their aids that they needed to leave because "'gay people' weren't allowed to swim there." And why not? Apparently, because "it's in the Bible." The ...

Christian Extremists Fly Anti-Gay Banner Over Disney World to Boycott “Gay Day” 2


"A Christian group is protesting the annual "Gay Day" by flying a banner plane over Disney World with a warning message for visitors. The six day celebration for gay pride is a 20 year celebration, held in Orlando, FL, with Saturday spent at the Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom. "It's just about people being proud of who they ...

Republican Congressman Compares Gay Marriage To Incest and Polygamy [VIDEO] 0


Before you watch this video let first say that it is boring as hell. I do find it interesting though as this Republican Congressmen (Trey Gowdy) tap dances with eloquence in an attempt to compare the legalization of gay marriage to that of incest and polygamy. Politicians are something else! Who the hell elects and re-elects ...

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