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Google Launches New Search Engine: What Do You Love (WDYL) [VIDEO] 0


Google's new What Do You Love (WDYL) search engine is pretty neat. I think it's a good idea and another home run for Google. They've been really hitting them out of the park recently. What I really like is that Google was smart enough this time around to make this into it's on separate site as ...

Google +1… What The Heck is This? [VIDEO] 0

Google Plus 1

Google +1 is Google's attempt at trying to develop a social button; which is different than building a full fledged social media site. I think this could be a BIG IDEA! But it depends on content creators like me adopting the button. But before we do, we must get a good feel that it will ...

Apple, Google, and Microsoft Blackmail the Government to Avoid Paying Taxes 2


America’s largest global corporations are holding $1.5 trillion dollars in profits overseas in order to avoid US taxes. “Apple has $12 billion waiting offshore, Google has $17 billion and Microsoft, $29 billion,” reports the New York Times. These corporations claim that if we reduce their tax rate on that cash from 35 percent to 5.25 percent ...

Google’s Driverless Car Gets Closer to Becoming Legal! 0


Google's self-driving cars may soon hit the road in Nevada if a pair of bills get through the state legislature. The bills would make Nevada the first state to legalize self-driving cars on public roads, the New York Times reports. One bill would amend electric vehicle laws to allow registration and licensing of autonomous automobiles. The ...

ICANN Approves Domain Extension For Any and All Domain Suffixes 0


"Internet minders voted Monday to allow virtually unlimited new domain names based on themes as varied as company brands, entertainment and political causes, in the system's biggest shake-up since it started 26 years ago. Groups able to pay the $185,000 application can petition next year for new updates to ".com" and ".net" with website suffixes using ...

Why Google is The GREATEST Company to Work For EVER! [VIDEO] 0


"Working at Google has its perks. From amazing cafeterias to sleeping pods, Google employees definitely have it good. But besides being able to ride around the office on Razor scooters, Google’s employees have another thing to be happy about. Google employees are the best-paid in the IT industry. In fact, they make 23 percent more ...

Is LinkedIn Really Worth $9 Billion? Here’s Comes Another Tech Bubble [INFO-GRAPHIC] 0


LinkedIn just went public last week. The IPO was valued at $45/share and by the end of the trading day the value doubled giving LinkedIn a value of $9 Billion. But is LinkedIn really worth $9 Billion? If you are placing the valuation on LinkedIn based on its member base of 50 million people, then Facebook ...

LinkedIn’s Road to IPO [INFO-GRAPHIC] 0


Today, LinkedIn debuted on The New York Stock Exchange trading at 520 times its 2010 net income, giving the company an $8 billion dollar valuation. In what is the biggest U.S. Internet IPO since Google, LinkedIn is the first social networking site to go public. So, how did the 100 million member social network get ...

Daily Deals Comparison | Who’s “IN IT TO WIN IT?” [INFO-GRAPHIC] 0

Deals Deals Deals

For months and months I’ve been saying that Facebook will crush Groupon upon it’s Facebook Deals full release date. Right now, Facebook Deals is still beta testing in a few select markets. I just happen to be in one of them, which is Dallas. I must say that I like what I’ve seen thus far. Facebook ...

Apple Beats Google To Become The World’s Most Valuable Brand 0

Apple Best

For the past 4 years Google has dominated the Brandz Top 100 List of the most valuable brands in the world. But not anymore. Apple is the new top dog, and I believe it will stay that way for a while. The takeover has largely been accredited to Apple’s product releases that have slayed the competition, ...

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