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Negative Home Equity Getting Worse… 28.4% of Homeowners Are Under Their Home Value

"The housing crash has had a significant impact on local economies for years, leaving many homeowners with negative equity. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, negative equity is when a homeowner owes more on their home than the home’s market value. A new market report from Zillow.com reveals that 28.4 percent of homeowners in the United States were underwa...

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U.S. Housing Prices Drop to Lowest in a Decade!

U.S. housing prices have dropped to record lows. The obvious blame is the economy. Lenders aren't lending to prospect buyers, credit requirements have increased, supply and demand is down, etc, etc. Basically, every problem that could exist is evident. This is really frightening. Especially for someone like me who is a young man looking to buy my first piece of ...

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Chase Bank Illegally Hikes Mortgage Rates On 4,000 Military Families

Here we go again! As if the banks weren't already hated enough. Chase Bank has just been busted and admitted to overcharging over 4,000 military families interest on their home mortgages. As an active-duty member of the military, military personnel are guaranteed an interest rate not to exceed 6% on home mortgages due to the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. A ...

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