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How to Get a Credit Card… When No One is Giving Out Credit Cards 0


Obtaining credit isn't as easy as it used to be. I have friends who were able to obtain $5 - $20k in credit cards back in 2007... They were only 21!!! It was so easy back then. All you had to do was lie about your income and within a few weeks you'd receive a ...

Twitter Develops Twitter How-To Guide For Journalists 0


Twitter has become an invaluable tool for journalists when it comes to finding sources and sharing stories. Now the microblogging site has released a guide that shows reporters how to best use the tool in their daily travails. The guide, titled “Twitter for Newsrooms,” is a little bit obvious for anyone who uses Twitter on a ...

How to Write to Congress 0


So you voted for Barack Obama because you believed in his "Change Speech." But you haven't seen "the change you can believe in." That's because you have to do more than just cast a vote for President. Even the people who vote beyond just the President, and vote for their congressmen, senators, and other local government ...

How to Build a Company That Won’t Burst in the Next Dot Com Bubble [INFO-GRAPHIC] 0


This is an excellent info-graphic that's short and sweet. My favorite part is the checklist at the end. I can name dozens of tech web companies that meet the "Bubble Checklist." As a side note, remember back in 2007 when social bookmarking was all the rave? It was supposed to revolutionize the way we surfed ...

How To Freak People Out and Lose Friends On Facebook [PICTURE] 0


This would be such a nightmare. I actually spoke to someone yesterday who said they know somebody that had something very similar to this happen to them. I would absolutely KILL someone if they did this to me! Let that be a warning to any peeps who be-friend me on Facebook.

How Corporations Get Away With Not Paying Taxes [INFO-GRAPHIC] 0

How Corporations Get Out of Paying Taxes

Ever wonder how corporations like Google, Microsoft, GE, and Exxon Mobile get away with escaping taxes while the rest of us keep getting tax increases? Well this info-graphic explains it all. Enjoy this info-graphic and try not to get too pissed off as you realize the travesty of this ridiculous scam. Information provided by: OnlineMBA

How to Take a Photo with a Celebrity… Hilarious [VIDEO] 0

Malin Akerman

This is hilarious. It starts out nice and politically correct. Then it gets honest! If you're a celebrity stalker, you will appreciate this video. It may also help you understand the rules of engagement. Enjoy!

How to Avoid Paying Taxes – John Ramsey [VIDEO] 0

John Ramsey

Tax season sucks right? It takes so much time not to mention you have to give the Government even more of your hard earned money. With two days left before taxes are due, I thought you could use a bit of laughter. Comedian John Ramsey tells you how to avoid paying taxes. Check this out:

How To Increase Willpower and Self Control 0


Willpower and self control can be so difficult to obtain for issues that hold us back such as smoking, drinking, over-eating, and any other issue we deal with. A study proves that an increase in glucose can help increase willpower and self control. The study also suggests that willpower and self control can be obtained through ...

How to Stop Texting While Driving: GUARANTEED! 0


A recent PSA from a production studio in the UK released a graphic video of teens texting while driving. The crash is violent and horrific, and as usual... It was banned in the U.S. When will the "soccer mom society" stay the hell out of the government and out of public view. Remember Scared Straight? It was the ...

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