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Netflix vs. Hulu Plus [INFO-GRAPHIC] 1


I don't use Netflix or Hulu Plus. I just don't watch tv and movies enough to justify yet another $19.99 monthly bill. But I am considering using one of them after reviewing this info-graphic. If you're considering using Netflix or Hulu Plus this may help you in deciding which to use. If you currently use either ...

Fun Facts About The 4th of July I Bet You Didn’t Know [INFO-GRAPHIC] 0


Get a quick history lesson about the 4th of July both past and present. From the Revolutionary War to how much beer is sold for the 4th of July. These are fun facts that I bet you didn't know about the 4th of July. Enjoy! Note: Click image to enlarge. Via: VA Home Loans

How America Became The Fattest Country in The World [INFO-GRAPHIC] 0


This is truly sad. I can really understand how people get obese. The simple thought of a delicious slice of pizza or a big fat juicy cheeseburger is pure bliss! However, at what point do people not realize the effects of their eating habits? What annoys me more than anything is the epidemic that "fat" has ...

Microsoft vs. Apple | Birth Til Today [INFO-GRAPHIC] 0


Every since birth, Microsoft and Apple have had a bitter rivalry. The words exchange about the competing brand by Microsoft and Apple co-founders Bill Gates and Steve Jobs rivals fighting words that even Pro Wrestlers couldn't think up. Checkout this info-graphic for a detailed look at the bitter rivalry between Microsoft and Apple from birth til ...

Advertising Budgets of the Top 200 Brands [INFO-GRAPHIC] 0

apple rainbow logo

There may be a recession, but that's not stopping the top 200 brands in the world from advertising with millions of dollars. Checkout this great info-graphic which details the advertising budgets of the top 200 brands.

Wal-Mart vs. Amazon [INFO-GRAPHIC] 0

Walmart vs amazon

Wal-Mart and Amazon are going toe to toe to dominate the retail landscape. They both have pros and cons. So who's the winner? My pick would be Amazon. For me, nothing beats the ability of being able to have so many different choices. Not to mention, I can shop from my phone, iPad, or computer. ...

How To Decide If Your Business Needs a Mobile App [INFO-GRAPHIC] 0


Every business and their mom has or wants a mobile app right now. What really annoys me is seeing stupid crappy apps that are just re-skinned or jacked from another stupid crappy app. If you're going to spend thousands of dollars creating an app, at least make sure you have a valid reason why. Hopefully this info-graphic ...

Differences In Food Choices: Liberals VS. Conservatives [INFO-GRAPHIC] 0


And you thought liberals and conservatives only disagreed about politics. Well you’d be wrong. Apparently they have vastly different food preferences as explained in this info-graphic. *Click image to enlarge

Corporate Taxes | 1955 vs. 2010 [INFO-GRAPHIC] 0


It utterly disgusts me and pisses me off to see that throughout the years the tax burden continues to shift worse and worse from businesses to individuals. What REALLY pisses me off is the politicians who have manipulated half of America into believing that corporations should pay less because it incentivizes them not to cheat ...

Doctors: Getting Paid to Be Legal Drug Dealers [INFO-GRAPHIC] 0


Have you ever wondered why your doctor insists you take certain prescriptions? Have you ever wondered why those prescriptions coincide with commercials you get bombarded with for the same drug? It's because doctors are getting paid off by pharmaceutical companies to be their drug dealers. This sounds bad and in all honesty is totally a bad ...

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