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Father Gets 7 Years For Threatening Daughter’s Black BF With Death Via ‘Wanted’ Posters 0


‚ÄčImagine being this guy's daughter and having to tell your new black boyfriend about him: Um, he's a nice guy. He cares about me a lot. He's just a little overprotective. And, uh, oh yeah, he'll kill you if he sees us together. Southern California's Domingos Jose Oliveira was sentenced this week to seven years behind ...

White Woman Writes Tell All Book About Sex With Multiple Races 5

White Women Tell All Book

Former Wall Street Journal Analyst J.C. Davies has written a hugely controversial book entitled: I Got The Fever: Love, What's Race Gotta Do With It? The book features interviews she's conducted with former sex partners of multiple races. In the book, Davies says she explores the politically incorrect discussion about interracial sex and relationships. This book as ...

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