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Myspace Re-sells For $35 Million… A.K.A… 6% of it’s Original Purchase Price

Myspace, once the dominant social networking site on the Internet but now an afterthought to Facebook, will be sold to Specific Media in a deal worth $35 million in cash and stock, a person familiar with the matter said. The acquisition by the Irvine-based advertising network is expected to be completed Wednesday. News Corp., which acquired Myspace in 2005 ...

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Myspace Dumps 75% of It’s Staff as It Gets Closer and Closer to Tanking

Myspace is rumored to be cutting up to 300 employees from its workforce over the next few weeks. TechCrunch reports that 150 employees will receive pink slips tomorrow and probably another 150 will be shown the door over the next few weeks. This comes as the struggling company could have a new owner as soon as tomorrow. MySpace currently has about 400 employ...

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Nobody Wants to Buy Myspace… Not Even For 5 Times Below It’s Original Purchase Price

"After a few months of being on the auction block, MySpace is still for sale from NewsCorp, who is trying to unload the company. Apparently, after a slow trickle of bids, NewsCorp still doesn't have a bid around the $100 million mark, which is what they're asking for the shattered husk of MySpace. Apparently NewsCorp is now thinking of just selling off a piece, ...

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MySpace’s Decline Is Accelerating

"Between January and February 2011, says Comscore, worldwide unique visitors to MySpace declined by a staggering 14.4% from 73 million visitors to 63 million visitors. It’s about half of the audience they had a year ago." It is so sad and shocking to see that Myspace; once the most talked about and most used website in the world is now tumbling down a road into ...

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OFFICIAL Termination Letter For 500 Myspace Employees

5 years ago Myspace was the COOLEST place to work if you were 18 - 25. Today virtually no one works at Myspace. Earlier this week Myspace laid off 500 more employees bringing their staff layoff within the last year to an 85% reduction in staff. This mass "firing" is supposed to lean up Myspace as News Corp. prepares to try to sell off Myspace to some dumb schlep ...

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The End of Myspace

Myspace has been bleeding itself dry day after day and year after year since the sell off from original company founder Tom Anderson in 2005 to Rupert Murdoch of News Corp. The beginning of the end has just gotten more evident as Myspace is preparing to cut 50% of its 1,100 person staff by the middle of January. This "mass firing" is in addition to the 30% cut ...

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