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3 Reasons Why Obama Will EASILY Be Re-Elected 9


I guarantee Barack Obama will be President again. Like it or not, we are in for 4 more years with Barack Obama. Why do I believe this? There's 3 simple reasons why: 1. Republican Candidates are Unrelatable: Political pundits all have different reasons why they think Obama won in 2008. Some say it's because he had more ...

Debt Ceiling Deal Reached: What Does it Mean? 0


A deal has been made to increase the U.S. debt ceiling by $2.1 trillion. The deal allows for cuts in Government spending that would allow $10 trillion of U.S. debt to be paid off over the course of the next 10 years. The reality of this deal is that it is complete bullshit. The deal didn't ...

Obama Rejects Republicans Debt Relief (Ceiling) Plan [VIDEO] 0


Last night President Obama addressed the world on live television to send the Republicans a clear message... He rejects their debt relief plan. Rather you agree with Obama or not, his speech was very compelling and believable. His speech spoke to the core of the issue we face and the way in which it has ...

Obama: 27 Million Social Security Checks Could Go Unpaid Next Month by the Gov’t [VIDEO] 2


VIDEO Here goes the Government... Playing political mind games again in hopes of pushing clear signals to their parties about what defines them, even though it could cause devastation to 27 million Americans who live pay check to pay check from social security benefits. I for one do not support social security. It's just another form of ...

MSNBC News Anchor Gets Fired For Calling Obama a Dick [VIDEO] 0

Mark Fired

MSNBC's Mark Halperin called Obama a "dick" on national television this morning in reaction to the president's stern press conference yesterday. Despite the fact that he immediately apologized, Halperin has been "suspended indefinitely," according to an MSNBC statement. I kinda feel him. Frankly, copping an attitude at a press conference is far from the most dickish ...

Obama Losing The Youth Vote: White Kids Say He’s Not Cool (Black) Enough Anymore 1


"President Barack Obama famously won the 2008 election on a wave of support from America's youth. But any hopes the 49-year-old had of keeping down with the kids appear to have faded - his support from young people is rapidly waning, a poll has found. And for a man known for his 'jacket off' casual style the ...

Are Republicans Scared to Take On Obama in 2012? Must Be… No One Will Run 0

Chris Christie

For months and months on end I've been saying that the Republican Party is headed for a meltdown and possibly even a collapse. Republicans are always so busy bashing liberals and the "Hollyweird Weirdos" who support them. There's one thing I think they forgot about though... All of the major Republican Presidential contenders are flocking to ...

Why Healthcare Costs So Much in America [INFO-GRAPHIC] 0

Why Healthcare Costs So Much in America

The healthcare debate is an issue I still haven’t fully taken a position on. There seems to be valid points with Obama Care and valid points with the current system we have. However, Obama Care is just another form of Government run healthcare. Seeing as how the Government hasn’t been able to get Medicare and ...

Obama Leads The 2012 Polls Leaps and Bounds Above Republicans 0

Obama Winning

“President Barack Obama has a wide lead over potential Republican rivals for the presidential election in 2012, but faces serious doubts about his handling of the U.S. economy, a Reuters/Ipsos poll found on Wednesday. The survey offered a boost for the president after the killing of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. Now, 45 percent of ...



Love him or hate him... Obama is WINNING! At least for now. Give him a few weeks and the political machine will bring him back down. So let's be joyous in this temporary win for Obama, as it could be gone any day now. Image Source

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