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How America Became The Fattest Country in The World [INFO-GRAPHIC] 0


This is truly sad. I can really understand how people get obese. The simple thought of a delicious slice of pizza or a big fat juicy cheeseburger is pure bliss! However, at what point do people not realize the effects of their eating habits? What annoys me more than anything is the epidemic that "fat" has ...

Gay Couple Kicked Out of Public Pool… Because The Bible Says So 0


"Earlier this week, a disabled gay couple were kicked out of a public pool in Hazard, Kentucky. A staff member at the Hazard Pavilion recreation center told the two men and their aids that they needed to leave because "'gay people' weren't allowed to swim there." And why not? Apparently, because "it's in the Bible." The ...

Catherine Zeta Jones Says: Happy That Men Still Want To Screw Me at 40 0


"Forty-one-year-old actress Catherine Zeta-Jones told reporters Sunday she was "quite pleased" to know a majority of Internet commenters would totally still hit that. " At this point in my career, it's encouraging to see that Devin808 would still tap my ass if he had the chance, and I was flattered when HandyMan14 said that, even though ...

Only 15% of People Want to Live Forever… Meaning 85% of People Want to Die 0


"Only 15 per cent of people would like to live forever and just nine per cent would like to live to more than 100, according to research published today. A study revealed that over one in four would like to die aged 81-90, while young people are more likely to want to live forever than older ...

More People Tuned Into The Royal Wedding Than The Capture of Osama Bin Laden 0

Osama bin Laden

Wanna hear something truly ridiculous? More people tuned into the The Royal Wedding than the capture of Osama Bin Laden. As news broke two nights ago of Osama Bin Laden's capture and killing, there were 4,118,000 page views per minute viewed for related keywords. The Royal Wedding... 5,398,731 page views per minute. Many people expected the capture of ...

The Creatures of Walmart [PICTURES] 1


If there was an award for the world's nastiest, weirdest person, the winner could likely be found at a Walmart deep down South in the back woods somewhere. These people are SERIOUSLY out of order! WARNING: Look at these pictures with extreme caution! The nastiness could scar you for life! Don't say I didn't warn you. [nggallery ...

How Women Really Feel About Their Facebook Friends [SURVEY] 0

Facebook Frenemy

Mashable published an incredible post today with revealing stats uncovered accidently from a survey conducted by social coupon site Eversave. The study confirms women's REAL feelings about their so-called "friends" on Facebook. I feel the same about many of the issues mentioned in this survey. Uh oh!!! Does that make me a women??? "When it comes to ...

NY Forces Unemployed People to Work For Their Unemployment Check 0


New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) is cash-strapped big time. They recently had to lay off 173 workers whose job it was to clean the subways and subway stations. The only problem is... Someone has to clean the subways. But who will do it if the MTA can't afford it? "The Metropolitan Transportation Authority wants to revive ...

How Much Does Being Fat Cost Us? [COOL IMAGE] 0

How Much Does Being Fat Cost Us

Being fat costs more than just $.99 for a cheeseburger at McDonald's. It can really eat into our pockets individually and also as a society. George Washington University has just recently released a study that they claim to be the first study ever to analyze the costs of being overweight and obese. Image Source:

Top 10 Bizarre Reasons People are Late to Work [NEW STUDY] 2

Time Clock

Career Builder recently conducted a survey to identify why people are late to work. The study surveyed 2,482 U.S. employers and 3,910 U.S. employees. Among those surveyed, Career Builder found some unusual and bizarre answers from participants. Here's the results: 1. Employee claimed they weren’t late … the company clock was wrong. 2. Employee claimed his car was inhabited ...

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