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The Official Uniform for Cheating/Gay Politicians and Their Cheated On Wives [PICTURE]

The outfits of these two couples is eerily similar. It's quite frightening in fact. After noticing these similarities you can only draw one conclusion... This is the official uniform for the cheating/gay politician and his cheated on wife. I can't believe these women stand by these mens' side. How embarrassing! There's nothing for them to gain, so ...

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TX Governor Rick Perry Announces Himself as “The Prophet” [VIDEO]

"In the past week, rumors that Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) will toss his cowboy hat in the ring to vie for the Republican presidential nomination have reached a crescendo. Several political analysts even said Perry, who has not announced a candidacy and did not participate in yesterday’s GOP debate, nevertheless emerged as a “winner” last night. In his first ...

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America Must Fail!

America has become a shell of its former self and must be allowed to fail! Two years ago, America voted for a President who was supposed to be our "savior." He had all sorts of fresh new ideas that were supposed to "change" the way politics took place in Washington. In addition to Barack Obama being incapable of navigating through The Republicans in Washington, ...

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