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Exxon Mobil CEO Admits Oil Should Be $60-$70 a Barrel Based on S & D [VIDEO]

Politicians and Exxon Mobil CEO discuss the speculation, supply and demand, and risk management involved in oil and gas prices. I'm not buying the over-inflated "speculation" B.S. Who gives a shit about outbreak in Libya. Especially when Libya is no longer a high selling oil country.

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Experts Say Gas Prices Should Decrease $.50 by June

The national average of regular unleaded gas just hit $4.00/gallon this past week. That’s just $.11 short of the all-time high that was reached back in 2009. Thankfully experts say gas prices should decrease $.50/gallon by June. This decrease is due to oil prices plummeting $9.44/barrel. The question though is what part of June and how much will gas prices ...

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U.S. Housing Prices Drop to Lowest in a Decade!

U.S. housing prices have dropped to record lows. The obvious blame is the economy. Lenders aren't lending to prospect buyers, credit requirements have increased, supply and demand is down, etc, etc. Basically, every problem that could exist is evident. This is really frightening. Especially for someone like me who is a young man looking to buy my first piece of ...

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Food Prices Make Biggest Jump in 36 Years

Wholesale food prices spiked 3.9 percent in February from January, the biggest jump in 36 years - Source: Chicago Sun-Times Why? The harsh and unexpected winter damaged crops in southern states like Texas and Florida. As a result, the price of fruits and vegetables has risen. It's not just humans though that eat crops. Crops used to feed livestock were also ...

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Food Prices Anticipated To Double

According to a new research study conducted by climate scientist, food prices could double by year 2050 due to global warming. Even if we stopped spewing global warming gases today, the world would face a steady rise in food prices this century. But on our current emissions path, climate change becomes the "threat multiplier" that could double grain prices by 2050 ...

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