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iPhone 5 Release Rumor: October

So those rumors claiming the iPhone 5 will debut in late September? They’re wrong. Instead, it’s going to be an October surprise — the month in which Apple plans to launch its next-gen iPhone. Sources with knowledge of the situation say reports claiming AT&T has blacked out employee vacations during the last two weeks of September in preparation ...

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BREAKING: iPhone 5 Expected to be Released by Early September

"BGR has exclusively learned that AT&T has begun communicating launch plans internally for Apple’s next-generation iPhone 5 handset. We have been told that AT&T has begun informing employees across the company, and those who work in retail locations, to finish any sort of employee training as soon as possible. AT&T is asking managers to finish ...

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Yahoo Rumored to be Buying Hulu

"The unknown prospective buyer of Hulu may have been Yahoo. A scoop late Tuesday said that the early search firm, at least at one point in recent memory, had raised the possibility of buying Hulu. The LA Times' source wasn't certain if it was the one linked in two separate leaks on Tuesday or if that was a new company. Hulu has, according to reports, been ...

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