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Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister Quits Job at Facebook to Pursue Social Networking Biz 2


Randi Zuckerberg, who is director of marketing at Facebook and also the sister of CEO and Co-founder Mark Zuckerberg — is leaving Facebook after six years to start a new media firm to help companies become more social. - Source: Hmm interesting. I wonder if she'll work with some competitors of Facebook like... Twitter or Google ...

Facebook Officially Hits 750 Million Members 0


We initially reported that Facebook had reached 750 million users, but today, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that the social network had reached the milestone. Zuck added that sharing is growing at an “exponential rate.” Zuckerberg said Facebook didn’t report the milestone because they don’t thing that’s the metric they should be using to determine ...

Nobody Wants to Buy Myspace… Not Even For 5 Times Below It’s Original Purchase Price 0

Myspace JPEG

"After a few months of being on the auction block, MySpace is still for sale from NewsCorp, who is trying to unload the company. Apparently, after a slow trickle of bids, NewsCorp still doesn't have a bid around the $100 million mark, which is what they're asking for the shattered husk of MySpace. Apparently NewsCorp ...

Twitter Acquires TweetDeck For $40 – $50 Million 0


Twitter has official acquired TweetDeck. The exact amount they are paying for TweetDeck hasn't yet been disclosed, but it's in the range of $40 - $50 Million. TweetDeck initially had a deal with Ubermedia (makers of: Ubersocial, Twitdroyd, and Echofan) that allowed them 30 days to negotiate a deal. After they took their sweet ass time, ...

How Women Really Feel About Their Facebook Friends [SURVEY] 0

Facebook Frenemy

Mashable published an incredible post today with revealing stats uncovered accidently from a survey conducted by social coupon site Eversave. The study confirms women's REAL feelings about their so-called "friends" on Facebook. I feel the same about many of the issues mentioned in this survey. Uh oh!!! Does that make me a women??? "When it comes to ...

MySpace’s Decline Is Accelerating 0


"Between January and February 2011, says Comscore, worldwide unique visitors to MySpace declined by a staggering 14.4% from 73 million visitors to 63 million visitors. It’s about half of the audience they had a year ago." It is so sad and shocking to see that Myspace; once the most talked about and most used website in ...

Egyptian Baby Girl Named “Facebook” After Revolution 0

Egyptian girl named facebook

An Egyptian family shows just how thankful they are to Facebook by naming their daughter after the social networking site that helped Egyptians lead a revolution to change their government. I think this is pretty neat. Social networking has truly shown how relevant it is with the revolution of Egypt that goes well beyond a platform ...

Egypt Internet Shut Down Worst In History: Says Experts 0


The civil unrest in Egypt over the election of President Hosni Mubarak has reached and all-time high! The Egyptian government has ordered all internet service providers to shut off service in the entire country in an effort to keep citizens from providing information about the chaos through the web and in particular, social networking sites ...

OFFICIAL Termination Letter For 500 Myspace Employees 0


5 years ago Myspace was the COOLEST place to work if you were 18 - 25. Today virtually no one works at Myspace. Earlier this week Myspace laid off 500 more employees bringing their staff layoff within the last year to an 85% reduction in staff. This mass "firing" is supposed to lean up Myspace as ...

What Kind Of Social Media User Are You? [POLL] 3

Social Media

Social media is the free-worlds' BIGGEST addiction. We're all hooked on it and it's changed the way we communicate and it's helped define our personalities in ways that are much more distinct than just the average introvert extrovert analysis. Social media addiction isn't new news and there's no question about how hopelessly addicted we are to ...

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